Breeze International Youth Festival is an exciting festival of events for Leeds, celebrating the creativity of young people across the city. Close links between the festival and my university course at Leeds College of Art gave me and a group of friends the opportunity to run a workshop at the Breeze International Youth Festival Live! event in the city-centre on Saturday May 25 2013.

Given its location on Leeds main shopping drag we developed a DIY tee-shirt event where young people were given the opportunity to use their creativity and up-cycle old tops into fashionable new looks.

From our £50 budget we got around 40 old tee shirts, thousands of plastic and wooden beads, metal studs, and some bits and pieces to help keep us organised at the event, like pegs and clothes baskets. We made lots of packs for people to take away if they didn’t have time to stay and make a tee-shirt, or if they couldn’t find a tee-shirt that they liked. The packs were made up in food bags and included an instruction sheet and a selection of beads and studs.

Around 37 people visited our stall and up-cycled a tee-shirt during the five hours of the free event.

See more on the Teeze Facebook page.


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