It’s always the quiet ones

It's always the quiet ones poster

At the end of first year on the Visual Communication degree course at Leeds College of Art we had the opportunity to exhibit the work we had created at the end of a four-month Self Directed Project module. The public exhibition ran for just over a week ending on 28 May 2013 to make way for the end of year graduation show.

'Why do galleries not have sofas?' and other questions about the use of public spaces

My work ‘Why do galleries not have sofas?’ and other questions about the use of public spaces featured in the group show. We knew from the onset of the module that the end piece would be exhibited in that particular space, however the exhibition was the first opportunity I had to see it in situ and appreciate what it looked like next to other’s work and how that changed the aesthetics and meaning. The process of creating to a deadline was quite stressful and when it came to having the final piece exhibited it was more of a relief to be at the end of the process rather than any type of feeling towards having the work available for the public to see. I was interested to watch people’s behaviour around the work, for example if visitors did take a seat, but overall I felt detached from it and was open to any comments – positive or negative.

I was part of curatorial team that hung the show, which was a new experience for me. The group was too big really but we all worked really well together and it was nice to spend time with people who aren’t usually in my tutorial or class groups. With limited space and a large number of big or multiple-piece works we had our work cut out for us, but it all came together and all our classmates seemed happy with our choices when they came in the following day to do the physical hanging.


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