A long life

Living Arrangements/End Part

Penny Klepuszewska’s Living Arrangements / End Part photographic exhibition was an incredibly haunting and terrifyingly quiet and subtle show at The Art House, Wakefield (30 May – 24 July 2013).

Investigating our ageing population the exhibition was split in two: Living Arrangements explored the fact that one in ten elderly people spend their lives utterly alone, where the home becomes an island of isolation; while End Part  considered the Protection of Property Department, who deal with the possessions of those who die alone and with no next of kin.


Photographing parts of the elderly persons home or themselves, Klepuszewska brings to your attention the significance of small items in their life and the humdrum of their day. Sensitive portraits of their stillness hang opposite images of the half cleared homes of those that have passed and the people clearing away the evidence of their life.

The lack of clutter, solid background colours, and stunning lighting made exquisite compositions that respected those concerned and communicated a great sadness. Hung in a variety of sizes and shapes, and mixed with quotes from those photographed, the body of work not only told the stories of those involved and represented a whole community, one that in the end many of us will join.

Incredibly moving, the photography not only starts conversations about provision for the elderly, but also of mortality and possessions. What is the importance of inheritance? Why keep possessions that hold your memories? What do they mean to those that they are passed to? What does it mean to have no one to pass them to?


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