Barnsley Art Walk

'Pinned I' Kate Green

The inaugural Barnsley Art Walk took place on Thursday 27 June to Friday 28 June 2013 showcasing artistic talents, past, present and future, in sixteen venues around Barnsley. Included in the line up was ‘Northern Young Artists‘ collective and gallery space at Redbrook Business Park, where I showed two of my works – ‘Pinned I’  and ‘”Why do galleries not have sofas?” and other questions about the use of public spaces.’.

I had to firstly submit an application to have my pieces considered for the exhibition before being confirmed as part of the line up. It was exciting to send the two pieces out into the world again as I felt sorry for them sitting in my house as everyday furniture – one reminiscing about the time it was included in the It’s always the quiet ones exhibition, while the other, which had been a development piece, sobbing “I could have been a contender”.  Although I felt happy to breathe life back into the work by exhibiting it, I feel indifferent about the process and the experience. It didn’t mean very much to me but I was pleased to be able to support the Northern Young Artists collective and the Bransley Art Walk.


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