Pressing issues

In Skipton in North Yorkshire something fabulous has happened. An empty shop in the Craven Court mall has been taken over for the summer by a Victorian printers.  A little pop-up shop for anyone to pop-in to and try it out for themselves or buy some of inspiring prints.

Headed up by Tony Wright from Oldfield Press and artist printmaker Helen Peyton, the shop is a tribute to a recently deceased friend, Brian, a printing press enthusiast and historian who printed under the name of Derdlab (B. Aldred backwards). The equipment was his and his dream was to share his love of print with many.

Running for six weeks over August and September, this pop-up version of Derdlab is a great place to pick up some limited edition prints and generally wonder at the talented printmakers of our county, or book some time on the presses to learn more about the processes or do your own print projects.

Dredlab is such a brilliant idea for introducing people to printmaking and breathing life back into empty shops, I wish them every success and I’ll see them in a couple of weeks for my own print session.


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