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I’ve been, I’ve zined, I’ve wandered

Day 1 of 3 at Beacons Festival.

A fun day delivering collage zine workshops in the Space Between with the Loosely Bound Collective at Beacons Festival, Skipton. Like big kids everyone embraced a chance to cut up, stick, and doodle what ever they freakin’ well fancied. Hope to see lots more people tomorrow for graphic and comic zining, and everyone else who wants to finish off the zines they started today. And maybe some unexpected folks because rain is forecast. You’re all very welcome to come create with us.

I also got the chance to wander around the site and take in the atmosphere, the sounds, and the costumes (!), and have a little break at Ghandi’s Flip Flop, where I scoffed the most delicious thali this side of Bradford.

Check out my zine; made it today from the Urban Outfitters zine….

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One thought on “I’ve been, I’ve zined, I’ve wandered

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