wish I was there

Wish I was at Art in the Pen

So close, yet so far away… Art in the Penart in the pen was literally one roundabout away from me all weekend but zining at Beacons Festival kept me far to busy.

Art in the Pen is an annual event held each August in Skipton Auction Mart – this year it was 17-18 August. The concept is pretty creative: there are 124 cattle pens and 124 artists are invited to create a pop-up shops and exhibit and sell their work. The setting creates a wonderfully curious atmosphere as you stand on cement and stray hay while you admire paintings (and other art and craft) perched on gates. Thankfully there isn’t much of a whiff to the barn.

It’s really nice to see how the artistic and farming communities of the area have found a way to make the most of what they have a create a really marketable and successful event that is most certainly memorable (I still recall fondly my one and only visit to the event some four years ago).

What is also pretty special is getting 124 amazing artists under one roof. I love being able to look at work, touch it, then talk to the maker. It makes me appreciate the skill and imagination involved in creating the work, as well as the grit and commitment needed to sell it, as well as the talent that runs through the whole process. It also feels real and useful – this is the type of art/craft that you can afford to take home, that will enrich your life, or be useful to you day by day – this is my type of art.

*sigh* until next year then Art in the Pen, I’ll put you in my diary as soon as you announce the dates.


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