To the letter

Spent the day on the letterpresses at Derdlab, a unique little pop-up Victorian print shop in Skipton. I found the shop earlier this month and have been counting down the days until I could get back and actually give the presses a go.

I went with a couple of friends who wanted to make posters of quotes, while I wanted to simply print ‘yawn’ and be playful with the the presentation.

My choice was pretty straight forward and very much led by the letters and blocks available, but because of this the print didn’t quite turn out how I would have liked. Ideally I should have went to a print house with the type I wanted and taken longer to play around to get it just right, but I work with what I got and, with the help of Tony (the printer) got my idea looking the best it could with the time and resources we had.

I brought along my own paper because I wanted some squares in bright colours, and I really liked it when the ink on top made a garish print.

The A4 text posters my friends made rocked, but I’m terrible at spelling and to have to write backwards would probably have led to disaster if I did it. Sam had a really good idea to take a photo of the laid out text and then flip it, that way any mistakes would be more easily spotted.

I’d love to try letter pressing again, but it is hard to think of anything that’s worth saying, and that doesn’t feel vomit-inducingly twee.  As soon as I do though I’ll be straight back on those presses.

Derdlab should be open for another couple of weeks, until early September 2013, so if you find yourself in Skipton check it out in the Craven Shopping Centre, just off the high street.


2 thoughts on “To the letter

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  2. Reblogged this on Vis Lit and commented:

    In the summer I went a workshop about letterpress with a view to doing printmaking as my VisLit option. I’m reblogging this for my PPP blog for my reference in the VisLit module.
    I enjoyed letterpressing and would like to do it again. I have issues with writing and proof reading when letters are the right way around, so I’m not sure how successful I would be on large scale projects, but on smaller items with less words, I think I would be good.

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