Sketchy past

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Drawing is not a strength of mine. Nor is setting aside time and doing something I’m not particularly good at. To overcome these obstacles I thought I’d make use of a sketching group and go along to an event where I could do nothing but draw and hopefully pick up some tips from my fellow sketchers.

The Griffin looks happy with its portrait.

The Griffin looks happy with its portrait.

I found a group that met on a Saturday morning at Harewood House and thought I’d give that a try. What I didn’t know was that it was a brand new venture for the historic house and the September meeting of the monthly group was only the second ever, and unfortunately had only one person booked on, and that was me. This was a real shame because Harewood is such a beautiful estate and the cost of the two-hour group also gave you entry to the grounds and downstairs of the house, and the whole ticket was less than half the price of normal entry.

Undeterred Jackie, the official guide (but not a tutor or artist or creative at all she stressed), and I ventured forth to the All Saints Church where I would spend my morning. It was brilliant that Jackie could come along and give a run down on the history of the church, the stain glass windows, and the tombs – it really brought the space alive to me and encouraged me to look at things more thoughtfully.

Time flew by as I just did my own thing, not worrying too much about the outcome but just concerned with getting marks on paper and seeing what way I liked to do things. As my natural reaction was to take photos of the space and the light kept filling the area highlighting the gorgeous shapes, I had to fight hard to keep the pen in my hand and my iPhone in my pocket, but I did it and only took photos to record some of the things I was drawing or wished I had time to draw incase I wanted to revisit them later.

I really enjoyed having some dedicated time to draw and no one looking over my shoulder except for the occasional “how you getting on” from Jackie who worried I was feeling lonesome. My favourite things to draw were the shapes on the tombs and the Griffin. I liked drawing less detail and shading and moving on quickly. I also enjoy colour. I’m glad to have figured these out and give me something to build on next time.


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