Shop shots

With the A/W collection for The Hepworth Wakefield’s shop bursting to get out of storage and on to the shelves before the first sprinkling of frost hits Yorkshire, some of the retail team got together on Monday 23 September to take photographs in preparation for the products featuring on the online shop.

This season features some cosy new scarfs and ‘hobo’ gloves, geometric jewellery, books about artists who will be exhibiting in the gallery in the coming months, and perennial favourites – mugs, amongst some sweet must-have Christmas items. All have a hint of the handmade and the works of Barbara Hepworth or the architectural qualities and surrounding landscape of The Hepworth Wakefield in mind.

We worked as a team throughout the day: sharing knowledge about photography and Photoshop, figuring out the best lighting set-up for each product, and pulling items together to create scenes for associated in-gallery promotions. We took turns being runners, merchandisers/stylists, photographers, artistic directors, and photo editors, seamlessly moving between the roles and working in different micro teams.

None of us are professional photographers, but we all valued the day to be able to expand our skills, experiment, and work together in a different context. We even took tips from the fashion shoot for a major attitudinal menswear label that was happening in and around the gallery, peaking out the window to see how they used the light with the reflector, and the different angles the photographer used (I was very jealous of his step ladder). We will have to wait for the images to appear on the website before we find out if we accidentally photo-bombed them!


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