I’m sorry Kay

My first ever life drawing class, and I feel that I must apologise to the model Kay – I really didn’t capture her best side! And a big thanks needs to go in the direction of Fiona, a regular attender, painter, and friend of mine, who encouraged me to come along to the weekly life drawing session hosted by artistย Tom Wood at Redbrick Mill, Batley.

I decided to go with the flow and do what suited me and what I needed to get from the session; so I plonked myself on the floor, cracked open my felt tip pens and got to work in my little A5 sketch book. I wanted to try lots of different things and not worry about a finished picture, so I didn’t feel like committing the whole evening to the one sheet of paper. Plus, I didn’t have any charcoal or paints so I would have killed my felt tips at A2!

I spent some time trying to figure out how to create perspective for her legs (still not sure), line length, and particular shapes in her body that interested me. I also played about with different ways to make marks on the paper and to add colour.

I had a lovely evening with the very welcoming and creative group of drawers, and it has helped to build my confidence a little, identify areas to work on, and pin point areas of interest – plus my picture made the blog!


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