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Light Night

Light Night is an annual event in Leeds which opens the city up after dark for a massive art and culture event. The event has grown larger and larger each year since it started in 2005, and now hosts over 50 free art events in 30 venues across Leeds city centre.

This year, as part of my Viscom course, I got to work with a group of first and second years to create a circus side show type stall offering free fun activities to visitors. We choose the Wheel of Fate as our idea to complement the whole night’s circus theme, and spent a morning making it and adding more glitter than a disco to it.

On Light Night (Friday 4 October 2013) we split into two groups and took shifts to cover our stall. It was very busy and hot in the room. Lots of people gave our wheel a spin, with the adults easily thinking up questions but not having too much fun with it, and the children finding it hard to think of a question but loving it once they did.

Overall we could have improved the stall by making the wheel thicker so it didn’t warp, and having the stall manned by people who could have given a performance to the activity so it was more of an event for visitors. We worked really well as a team by taking team to plan our work together and splitting up tasks, and the decor and styling worked really well with the consistent look and colour.

I didn’t enjoy the event as I thought I would creatively develop more if I got to attend the event rather than work it, I dislike large crowds, and it was far to hot in the room. The activity was also fairly throwaway, I’ve been fairly adept at colouring-in and using glitter for at least a couple of decades now, so I don’t really need to cover it as part of a degree course.


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