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Odd Balls (24)

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On Friday October 25 I went to the Odd Balls Life Drawing event at The Hepworth Wakefield with Beatrice.

As I learnt from my last (and first) attempt at life drawing, I’m not very confident about making marks on paper, showing people my work, or figurative drawing, but I’d like to be! This pushed me to sign up to this event, a brand new venture for The Hepworth and hosted in their new gallery space The Calder.

The really enjoyed the night because there was a really informal atmosphere where beers and teas were being served and an MC told you the outline of the evening and directed us towards the free art materials. It was also great because there were three different models and every 3o minutes you could change to a different location and they changed their pose. This meant that I didn’t have time to worry about getting things perfect, I just got on with it. I also didn’t have a chance to get bored (another issue on mine).

Oddball Life Drawing Event at The Calder. Credit- Tom Arber

I’m pretty impressed with what I achieved in the time. My drawings aren’t brilliant, but when compared to last time they are so much better. I’m starting to see that my drawing style involves strong bold lines, main shapes, and minimal detail or shading, however this may change again as I practice and discover other elements of skill.

Culture consumedDuring the swaps we had a chance to wander around and look at other people’s work. I enjoyed seeing all the different ways of working and styles. It’s a good way to get ideas and to see how you could improve your own work by seeing how others, for example, deal with depth or plotting.

Although I enjoyed my other more traditional life drawing class, I preferred this version, with tea and a DJ, quick sessions and musical interludes by the Brett Domino Trio.

My drawings from the event…


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