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Nobrow talk (11)

Going to a lecture or a talk where you’re trapped in an uncomfortable room for an hour is most definitely outside of my preferred genre. But for a lecture by Nobrow founder  Sam Arthur, I made an exception. I really enjoy his talk and learnt about the experimentation and innovation needed to create a successful indie business. I’ve pasted my notes from the lecture below.

There are plenty of other activities that are outside of my preferred genre, but they only went outside once I tried them and hated them… Opera… dance clubs… choral singing… classical music… to name a view. If I could find something different to try, then I’d try it (given if time or money was no objection). Lectures and talks on the other hand do have a little ray of shining hope in them, but you don’t know if they’ll be worthwhile until you’re in the middle of it.


Nobrow, 2008

Signed lease on Friday, banks collapsed the following week.
Takes a while to publish, not achieved much in first year, but took a picture of their own collection to communicate what it is that they wanted to achieve
Love for print epherma

Aim of the nobrow – Give illustrators and graphic artists a platform
Word illustrator is demanding, needs to be in conjunction with something else, looked down upon by fine art world

Books that really inspired them
Gorilla 1960s Japanese print – poisonous looking yellow print
Published at a time when printing was a craft and pre-Pantone
Now the print industry has been homogenised, it’s a bit boring as you know what you’re going to get
Godzilla book – half full colour, half 2 colour, Tight fisted publishing then informs the illustrator
Black Bob, the dandy wonder dog annual – drawing skills, subject matter
Ladybird books – format of the book, all on one sheet of paper, economy of material

Ben newmans book the bento bestiary

To run along side they ran an exhibition space to help promote the business and the work

Zine fairs
Comic festivals
Art festivals

All about promotion and telling as many people as possible what they’re about

Nobrow publications
Lithograph industrial process for Nobrow magazine

Published to give illustrators a platform
30 illustrators to take part
Give them a theme and a c
Limited colour platte – helps bring the illustrations together.
This could help make it a curated object
Fist 5 limited edition (5000)

6 became half comics half features and no longer were numbered

17×23 comic books
1story 24 pages, self contained
Small project, maybe experimental – maybe they wouldn’t have normally have done it

Hilda folk is there must commercially successful work

Flying eye books
Printing adult and children books on same label was becoming uncomfortable

East London comics and arts festival
40 exhibitors
Thought 500 might turn up, but 3000 came
2nd year this year 14 June

12 people on a team
Just set up a New York office

John McNor




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