Cultural Consumption / Year 2

TV, politics & debate (12)

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate show Question Time from Salford. Audience from different two generations, one half under 30, the other over 60.
Panellist Jeremy Hunt, Sadiq Khan, and Olly Grender (Joan Bakewell and Tim Stanley couldn’t make it due to a fire along the train track towards Manchester)
21 November 2013

Q: Shouldn’t benefits received by wealthy pensioners be diverted to services for young people

  • Age is no longer an indicator of need
  • Elderly people should not be clumped together in a homogeneous group
  • Young people paying in to system now and expect to get their fair share out of it in time
  • The young people today will be the first pensioners to be worse off than the generation before them
  • Older people have pride and making them get a means test will put a barrier in the way to them getting support
  • Wealthy older people, like Alan Sugar and Richard Branson, don’t actually claim benefits such as the bus pass, so don’t actually put a strain on the system

Young people should be ‘earning or learning’

  • proposals for a new policy where young people under 25 can not claim benefits
  • in Holland no one under 27 can claim benefits and the have hardly any unemployment
  • zero hour contracts, education fees, minimum wage below living wage – impractical
  • more than half of people won’t go to university
  • put pressure on big business to create apprenticeships

How did Rev Flowers end up Chairman of the CooP.

  • seems to be from who he knew rather than what, as he had no finance background
  • why is the regulatory system not picking these things up
  • who can you trust in banking now even the CooP is corrupt
  • It’s unfair for the co-operative movement to be tarnish by this one man

What can the government do about home ownership when the average salary is going down and the average house price is going up

  • change planning laws so houses can be built
  • would be a big betrayal if older generation all have their houses and we refuse to provide houses for them because we’re OK
  • basic desire to own a house
  • why can’t we use the houses that are stood empty

Health care failings at Mid-Staffs

  • fear or openness when nurses can be legally held accountable for being neglectful (criminalised)
  • encourage whistle-blowing, however would you whistle-blow on a friend when there is the potential of jail

It was hard to keep up with so many opinions flying about but it was good to hear counter arguments and to watch people being critical of the politicians actions. These sorts of platforms are important so that ideas can be shared and questioned, but I’m glad it’s not me on the panel!


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