Cultural Consumption / Year 2

Book Crossing (30)

Book Crossing is my own Cultural Consumption task (30).

I came across BookCrossing when the BCUK Unconvention was being held in Leeds in September. I wasn’t able to go because of my work schedule, but I did go through town on my way to work and saw people’s reactions to the mass release (much excitement).

Basically, Book Crossing is where you release books into the wild for other people to collect  and read. Via you can register your book, and then everyone else that  finds it registers it and notes where and when too, and writes a review if they want. You can track the full travel history of the book or search for free book crossing books nearby.

I’ve got seven pre-read books that I’m going to release. I don’t like holding on to books that I’ve read unless they are good reference books, or I seriously plan to read them again (that’s not that many as I really never get the chance to revisit them).  I like to pass my books on for others to enjoy, and I get most of the one’s I read from friends and relatives. I like reading what other people recommend as I’ll then get a wide range of styles and genres, which is great. I find when I spend my own money on books, I’m more likely to buy something that I’m guaranteed to like and don’t try any new stuff.

I’m looking forward to seeing where my books might end up. Check out my bookshelf.

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