Mock interview / Year 2

Mock interviews

Today we had mock interviews with the third years. We were asked about our practice, real life experience, future plans, etc. It was nice to chat to the third years and have an opportunity to ask them for advice about second year and get more information about what third year might be like. I was also happy to be able to help the year threes out with some interviewing practice as it is both them and tutors who interview course applicants.

Things I learnt:

  • I don’t half flap my arms about when talking
  • the interviewee feels more comfortable when the process of the interview is explained to them before starting
  • it is better to have a clear starting and end point
  • it’s better to think about what you want to say and get across prior to the interview, even preparing answers to common questions
  • third year will be super busy
  • plenty of people don’t know what their practice is or how to properly talk about their interests (I thought I was the only one)
  • I’ve actually got some really good links to arts communities and am making things happen (my interviewers were surprised by my recent arts work experience)

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