PechaKucha / Year 2


Slides with my presentation notes.

For Personal & Professional Practice we were asked to prepare a PechaKucha style presentation of 20 slides presented at 20 seconds each. What we were to talk about was outlined in a template and included information who we are as creative practitioners, our work, strengths, marketing materials, collaborators, networks, and other business and professional related subjects.

I found this presentation really difficult as I have no idea what I want to do as I job. I know what I could do to make money and I’d be good at it, like being an arts administrator, but I don’t really want to do jobs like I did before. I don’t feel like I’ve really even started exploring creative practice yet so it is hard to pin point one I’d like to do as a job.

Being confused about the future definitely led to a confusing presentation about my thoughts on what it could be, which is hardly surprising. I felt like a square peg being hammered into a round hole for this task, as the subject matter is about six months too early for me, although for many of my classmates it’s just in time as they know exactly what they want to do. Β The prescribed order/subject matter suited those who have a clear career path in mind, but I don’t – I should have just did my own thing and ignored it, trying to express myself within the format didn’t help my presentation.

I’m pleased I tried something a bit different with my slides, illustrating 20 different types of slides on the 20 slides. There was mixed response from the tutors. If I had a clear idea of what I was talking about I wouldn’t have chosen to present the drawings, instead it would have been images that better reflected the subject matter of the slide. As it stands, I thought they proved a good distraction from what I was saying, illustrated some creativity, and showed that I was willing to take a chance.

As a result of the presentation I’m going to:

  • see a careers advisor as I have no idea about career options (but I don’t think LCA has a careers service)
  • research some jobs from books and journals in the library
  • ask some friends about the jobs they do in the creative industries
  • look up what a creative director director does
  • find some nearby companies I could get work experience with so I can learn more about different ways to make money
  • try to stop worrying about not knowing what to do post-degree – I wasn’t worried until I started feeling pressurised by the learning outcomes of the PPP module that suggested I should know, so why worry now, it’s only making me worry and its not worth worrying about

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