post grad

Post graduate study

Recently I’ve been wondering if post graduate study would be something I’d be interested in. I really enjoy the research and academic parts of my studies and they are the bits I get my best marks for so it seems like a possibility. I’d be interested in continuing straight after my degree because its a natural progression and I should be operating at that level by graduation, whereas taking a couple of years off means you forget academic levels and it may take a while to catch up. Because of costs I didn’t think it would be something I could do, but a friend told me that often you can get funding for them, and since then it has seemed like a real possibility. When I saw the post graduate session on the Career Track Tuesday schedule at uni I booked in, and this is what I learnt…

PG study – career track tuesdays

Ilsa, current pg pt student @ LCA

  • 3 months research
  • 3 months studio work
  • 8000 word dissertation
  • Weekly lecture, fortnightly tutorial
  • If you’re doing it, do it straight away from Ba hons or you’ll forget
  • Love being at LCA – the research, the workshops, and the staff
  • Needs focus, need to know where you’re going
  • 1 year full time, 2 years part time

Ingrid Bale – Career consultant

Lots of valid reasons for doing PG study
If you’re not clear on where you’re going, no point in doing a PG
Scared of the future – if you put it off things will have moved on in your career – the career planner
Career Course on 1 April – spaces available @LCA

Lots of pg study:

  • Masters – taught or research, most are taught
  • MBA – business related and international recognised
  • PG Certs and diploma
  • Conversion courses, vocational pg completely different from original degree
  • will tell you more about what’s needed for teaching, as it changes regularly
  • Professional and vocational qualifications
  • PHD, very demanding 3-5 years, leads to a career in academia

Qualifications and work experience go hand in hand for employment opportunities


Need to search for funding as early as possible
Can’t get a student loan

  • Seven research councils cover full range range of disciplines – art and humanities research council
    • Studentships, receive grant to cover tuition fees
    • Money goes to the uni and then to you
  • Career development loans
  • Check uni for scholarships
  • Charity funding –
  • State funding – teaching, social workers, nhs
  • Part time work
  • Funder finder website
  • Disability funding

Possible to have a combo of the above

Modes of study

  • Pt study
  • Ft study
  • Blended learning – online, hubs…
  • Block mode learning
  • Distance learning

Findamasters web site

First MA interview question is why, and you need a very clear idea of why and a very strong reason

GUARDIAN article with employers, they want a well rounded person with work experience rather than an MA student

Most MAs require a 2:1, 1st required usually for the funding
Doesn’t guarantee a job


  • MA needs to be related to your career goal
  • Research the institution, the course, the subject reputation
  • Attend open days
  • Entry qualifications – will you meet them
  • Where – Netherlands, Scandinavia
  • Full bright institution – if you want to. Study in the states
  • Think about it a year before you want to go, funding tends to be at odd times compared to sept intake

AHRC, PHD funding

What are you going to do as a result of this session

  • Look up the types of MAs, where and the commitment of time
  • Research funding
  • Figure out dissertation interest
    • By the end of Easter holidays

Harvard study
96 people, write down what you’ll do in 10 years time
The ones that wrote it down did it, those that didn’t didn’t achieve their goals




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