Cultural Consumption / Year 2

International blog (25)


My favourite international blog is the Jealous Curator. It features a daily post by Danielle  Krysa, aka the Jealous Curator, of contemporary art that makes her think “Damn, wish I thought of that”.

It was established in 2009 by the former designer and creative director, who is based in America. There is quite a unique aesthetic to the work she chooses to blog about – the posts can be quite feminine and whimsical with a simplistic style, but are regularly quite varied. The work seems fairly commercial too, and covers animation all the way through to zines.

Since starting the blog the Jealous Curator’s interest in insecurities, inner-critics, creative blocks, and jealousy has grown and led to her establishing Girl Crush (artistic meet-ups for Women across the States) and releases the book Creative Block (2014).

I like this blog because it is very supportive and nurturing of creatives, the standard of the work featured and the writing makes me respect the curation of the web, and I love the way its more of a lifestyle for Krysa, with her developing offline activities too.


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