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Creative Conscience Awards

NATURAL from KJG that’s me on Vimeo.

Project description

After watching The Big Question, an ethical/religious debate programme on BBC1, and hearing comments from the audience including “it’s a choice”, “it’s unnatural”, and “it is against God” when discussing homosexuality and gay marriage, I was inspired to make an engaging film that could challenge these points of view and support those affected by them.

The result is a one-minute animation/stop motion film dealing with homophobia and the naturalness of homosexuality.  The film is designed for an online UK audience and plays on upbeat campiness to encourage re-watching, sharing, and discussion on the subject matter via social media channels. The film ends with a strong message of not accepting homophobia, and provides links to key websites that can support those who are dealing with it (Stonewall, Childline, and True Vision).

Project Background

Around eight per cent of rams have sex exclusively with other rams. This is a surprising but true fact. Incidences of homophobia amongst sheep currently stand at zero. This is roughly the same story across the thousands of species that exhibit homosexual behaviour, until you reach humans. Over the last three years, one in six lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the UK have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident (Stonewall, 2013) – that’s too many people. Whatever reason the bullies give for their behaviour, the faunal evidence suggests otherwise. Being gay is 100 per cent natural and my film aims to share that fact, challenge those who think otherwise, and support people dealing with homophobia.


successful submission


For more posts about the Live Module and my Creative Conscience Awards entry, visit my Live Blog.



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