Senior graphic designer

After finding a junior graphic designer advert earlier, I’ve been wondering what is the career progression like once in the job and what continuing professional development will I need to commit to.

I found a job advert on Creative Review for an agency in Sheffield. I searched for northern jobs deliberately as I can’t see myself living in London in the next few years, simply because I won’t be able to afford it (and I love my dog too much to give her up and I don’t see how I could manager her in London).

It was interesting to compare an agency job with an in house one. Both detail a great deal of commitment, but the agency seems to want you to live, eat, and breath their clients. I would like some work/life balance in my career!

They are looking for good experience with the Adobe Creative Suite too, but also a portfolio full of big names and a wide variety of outputs. Although they say awards is a side product, the mention of them makes me think that they may be after some and would ideally like to entice clients with an ‘award-winning team’ working on their briefs.

I’ve looked at Uber’s website and I like their work, even if their website wasn’t the most user friendly. They may be an agency to look into for work experience, or junior positions. They describe themselves as an ‘integrated creative agency’ – this is a term I’ll keep hold of for Googling later.


Absolutely Über Senior Designers are a rare breed and hard to find.

To be truly Über you have to follow the agency mantra; work hard every day to live up to the Über title. Your creativity has to be over and above, your ideas need to shine brighter and your results need to be consistent. Winning awards is a by-product not a goal. You have to take your work seriously and yourself not so. You have to learn and understand exactly who our clients are, exactly what they do and exactly who their customers are. You have to be passionate, knowledgeable and love what you do.

The science bit:

Highly creative, personable Senior Graphic Designer wanted to join our design team.

5 years’+ commercial experience.

Experience spanning both digital and print is expected.

Major brand experience working on projects from concept to completion.

Ability to think imaginatively around a brief, attention to detail and strong typographical skills are essential.

Evidence in your portfolio of press, point of sale material, packaging and digital are a big plus.

The tools of your trade will at the very least be • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Pencil • Brain. 3D skills are a bonus.

This role will be based in our Sheffield head office. If interested please send your CV and work samples by clicking on the Apply button.
Award-winning agency based in Sheffield & London. Named one of Campaign Magazine’s top 3 agencies outside London; The Drum 2014 Design Census – top 10 agency; RAR Recommended Top 20 Agency.


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