Cultural Consumption / Year 2

Kirkstall Abbey (16, 20, 30)

I managed to do a few things from the Cultural Consumption list at once today:

16. Visit somewhere beginning with your first initial and fulfil at least 2 of the tasks there 
That would be me, Kate, visiting Kirkstall Abbey in Kirkstall

20. Visit a museum
Kirkstall Abbey is in itself technically a museum, but on site there is also a visitors centre and the Abbey House Museum

30. Choose your own task
My own task is Book Swapping, and I set a book into the wild, as well as a controlled release to a friend.

I love Kirkstall Abbey because of its river-side location, the families and people who use the site, and the flora and fauna you can spot in the park and river. I also like watching Leeds Rhinos train on the field opposite!

The ancient history of the site keeps drawing me back, and I read quite a lot about it at Leeds Central Library local history library when I was researching the city’s links with the wool industries and sheep farming for the Millennium Square public art commission that was part of the Context of Practice module.

My favourite things in the Abbey House Museum are the maps that show Leeds’ history – from farming, to pottery, to industry.

I love looking back and imagining what Leeds would have been like once upon a time, and for that reason I also really like Abbey House’s emersive displays that recreate Leeds’ streets from the 19 century. I really enjoy having a look around and trying to spot different things in the shops and homes. I have taken my mum a couple of times and she seems to recognise a view things, and remembers the types of small cramped housing on display (not that she’s that old!).

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