Where do you find jobs?

I’ve been looking into places to look for creative jobs. I’ve started with just going to the agencies directly as many don’t want agencies picking up the posts. I’ve search key words, like “creative agency” in Google, and also used the as it lists lots of agencies. There used to be an arms length council funded organisation called Creative Leeds that supported professional development and networking, but I don’t think that exists any more.

From this I’ve found the following agencies I quite like:

It was really promising that there are so many. I’m not stuck on staying in Leeds, although cash flow may initially dictate that once I graduate, but I thought that Leeds was as good place as many to start some research and see what my feelings are on the different type of companies. I’m definitely favouring the smaller high-end agencies, the ones that have a real sense of style and the client’s customers needs.

I’ve also found that the following newspapers/magazines are good to look for jobs through

And I could try the following websites and recruitment consultants

I’m sure there are many more places to look, for example I’ve not even began to look outside of West Yorkshire, or at in-house opportunities, but I think this is more than enough info to facilitate some research and help me narrow down my options.


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