Beatrice introduced me to Behance during first year; she posts a lot of her drawings on there. Intimidated by the standard of work, I never quite got around to posting any of my own on there, but during second year I’ve got more comfortable with the site, often searching through it for inspiration for my own work, so thought it was about time to start getting more involved. Plus, I’ve recently subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud and the package includes a Behance upgrade – not only can I get an online portfolio, but also ProSite (aka a website).

Having looked at what professionals do, I’ve started uploading my projects with a brief outline of the project and sold metadata about the software and materials used. Lots of the photos on Behance or seriously styled, so I’m going to have to rethink how to present my offline work so it can compete.

I like Behance because you know it’s your peers that will be viewing and ‘appreciating’ your work, and it provides a neat way to signpost people/potential employers to it too.

I’m not sure if my Prosite will work out the way I want it. Like some others I’ve tried, it’s very much about showing shiny pictures of sexy work in a thumbnail way. My work isn’t quite as simple as that, but I think it will be worth developing and maybe using to target employers in the graphic/creative industries. Graham had told me at my tutorial that he splits the different streams of his career up and only picks out what’s appropriate for the situation. I may do that with my work too, with Behance being for the creative fields.

All work needs to go onto my Behance site before it can be pulled onto my Prosite, so at least one job will cover two outlets. BUT, I have found that some formatting that would suite the portfolio, doesn’t suit the website, for example longer titles. I guess it will be trial and error to get it right.


Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 13.37.33


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