I’d go anywhere for work, but I won’t work there

I’ve been looking at different creative agencies in and around Leeds, researching a possible creative career path.

I am most definitely judging them all by their websites, the way they present their teams (aren’t we just so ZANEY, blurgh to those ones), the work they did for their clients, and their overall aesthetics. There are a select handful I would feel proud to say I worked for and feel excited about being part of their team, so they’ve made it to my Google Chrome bookmark folder as ones to watch.

However, there was one that was looking pretty positive until I spotted a pay day loan company was amongst their clients. I think the clients an agency works with says a lot about the company’s ethos, and this just didn’t sit well with mine.

pay day loans

I’ve always worked in the public sector, as, despite popular opinion, everyone I’ve worked with have cared deeply and passionately about helping people or the environment, and have tried their best to do the right thing and in a mindful way to the public purse. They have been organisations with a social conscience and I’m concerned about being able to find similar now that I’m considering working in the private sector.

I do wonder though, in the current job market can one be so picky. Will I just have to work for anyone until I’m at a certain level. If I don’t will I need a pay day loan?

In the future I’m going to thoroughly vet all potential employers and I’m going to research how to find ethical/socially aware employers (perhaps I’ll start with the Creative Conscience Awards judges, or what job opporuntities are available in charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs))



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