I’ve been focussing on a website being my portfolio, when in actual fact the chance of being able to look through one in an interview is pretty slim.I think it’s important to have a website, but better to acknowledge that it’s for people doing desk research on you, or looking up contact details, rather than a way to illustrate how marvellous you are at an interview.

Instead, I’m going to go with the Behance Portfolio app for my iPad. It will automatically sync with my online portfolio, so people can see both in the interview and then revisit it afterwards. It is also very instinctual and easy to use, perfect for a stressful interview, is easy to navigate around, and shows off the breadth and depth of work whilst allowing me to just focus on discussing 2 or 3 projects.

I think this is the way forward and I’ll be using it for my end of year Personal and Professional Practice module interview.

One things to note – all the content is available offline, except for any videos that I’ve linked to on Vimeo. My iPad does not have a SIM card so I rely on wifi, which is fine for my interview at uni, but if I were going to an agency/organisation, it may be worth going early and getting a guest wifi pass from reception, or request one when organising the interview.

Using the app also makes any inconsistencies between the presentation of project really obvious. I’m going to have to have a good look through and make sure things like the order of video/photo and text are the same, and that any highlighted information is done for the same stuff and in the same way across the board. I also think I’m going to get everything that I can think off loaded on so I look impressively busy with a wide range of experiences and talents.






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