Summer plans

the greenwebMy head has won over my heart and I’ve had to be sensible and seek out the best way to make the most about of money over the summer. This will take some pressure off during the all important third year, but does mean that I’m not free to take on work experience in roles better suited to my long term career aspirations, or spend lots of time preparing for my dissertation, although if I’m organised I should still get plenty of research done.

I will be spending my summer working as a media officer at the University of Bradford. Although not the way I’d like to spend three-months, it is still really positive…

  • great money, and may mean I can give up one of my jobs next academic year
  • fills a gap in my CV – it includes FE, specialist HE, but no plain old HE communications
  • there is a potential to get involved in video, photography and design, which is great for my portfolio
  • build up professional contacts, particularly as there are a number of temporary staff in the team who may go onto other employers and then recommend me to them
  • means I’ve more recent communication experience on my CV, which will benefit me going to either marketing or creative jobs after graduation
  • it is a challenging and exciting role that I’m exciting to be doing, and I think I can really make a positive contribution to the team
  • it will most definitely help me when I approach Magpie Comms, a Leeds-based creative agency specialising in ‘new generation’ marketing, for some creative work experience later in the year. The agency focuses on the student market and university/students union clients and get involved in a lot of insight research. It is ran by former graphic designers and I feel it would be a good place for me to learn more graphic design and art working

Fingers crossed everything works out well.

It’s also really cool because I’ll be working on one of the greenest campuses in the UK, plus I’ll be next door to Impression photography gallery and the National Media Museum. Yes please, these are two of my most favourite places for temporary exhibitions!


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