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Talent spotting at the Leeds College of Art show

Creative Review, one of my favourite magazines, gave a shout-out for talent spotters to visit grad shows at art schools and departments across the country and report back. I shoved my hand up for Leeds College of Art and eight people made my ‘spotted’ list…

Leeds College of Art – Knock Knock
14 to 19 June 2014 

Anna Whyte & Sophie Smith
Creative Advertising, Leeds College of Art

The femfresh adverts of The AS Creative Team (Anna Whyte and Sophie Smith) caught my attention. They were just the right amount of clever and funny, drawing you in to absorb the whole advert and understand the brand and its values.

Anna Whyte_Sophie Smith 

Natasha Whalley
Photography, Leeds College of Art

The quiet images of Natasha Whalley really caught my eye. Using good old-fashion film, Natasha captures the ordinary but makes it seem noteworthy. The resulting images are almost like an anthropological record of a world that no longer holds humans.

Natasha Whalley

Katie Winter & Emily James
Graphic Design, Leeds College of Art

Crisp, clear, and engaging, Katie Winter and Emily James explained the interests of their fellow graduands through an infographic and 3D paper graph. It was a brilliant introduction to the exhibition as it explained the design principles of the class and showed their consideration of the world around them.

Katie Winter_Emily James

Chris Shuttleworth (AKA Shuttlefingers)
Graphic Design, Leeds College of Art

I don’t like holiday camps, but Chris Shuttleworth’s Camp Three Points campaign made me want to pack a rucksack and go camping. I love the use of colour, type, and illustrations that get straight to the point with the message and brand in a way that is both modern yet harks back to old-fashioned camping fun and values.

Chris Shuttleworth

Rachel Marie Brown
Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design, Leeds College of Art

Rachel Marie Brown’s child-focussed surface pattern design hits the mark when it comes to the grossness loved by kids and colour and design wanted by parents. Her work is full of joy and fun and you can’t help but want to read her quirky illustrations like a comic book.

Rachel Marie Brown 

Abbey Whithington
Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design, Leeds College of Art

There’s something both modern and retro about Abbey Whithington’s textiles. The gorgeous cheery palette of colours used to naively explore fruit and coral could be applied to most anything and be an instant hit. Her work can already be spotted down the greeting card aisle at M&S and I’m sure that’s just the very start of a brilliant career.

Abbey Withington 

Tom Hoare
Visual Communication, Leeds College of Art

It turns out that the Merrion Centre mall is the Grand Central Station for life experiences in Leeds, according to Tom Hoare’s emotional and memory mapping project. I really enjoyed seeing a socially aware graphic project, rather than yet another example of commercial application. He took the well-established idea of a tube map, and turned it on its head and made it about emotions rather than orientation.


Isabella Bunnell
Visual Communication, Leeds College of Art

Isabella Bunnell’s Penis Project sees her illustrating all the slang terms used for the ‘ham roll’ in an attempt to explore the effect that mainstream pornography has on societal attitudes towards sexual pleasure. Who knew the old ‘Spurt Reynolds’ had so many synonyms, and they could be so playfully illustrated with a dab of watercolour.

Isabella Bunnell



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