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A snippet of Magpie's portfolio

A snippet of Magpie’s portfolio

I’ve been thinking more and more about getting work-ready after I graduate in 2015 and during the year I’ve researched a lot of local companies to learn more about the creative agency landscape in Leeds.

I liked the good folks at Magpie Communications the best and felt like I would be a really good match because they work a lot with the student market and new generation and I have an award-winning background in education marketing. Their promo video was created with handmade graphics, which is an area I’m exploring with my dissertation work; another reason I thought we would work well together. Although they do a lot of creative work, they also offer insights. I love research and gathering together the facts and mixing it with intuition to make decisions.

Having looked at their team, they have a good mix of designers, art workers, and web/digital designers. Both the directors are former graphic designers too. They also often take on students in employment and have a large network of on-campus student insight teams made up of students from the particular university.

I emailed Magpie with my CV and the reasons why I thought we’d be good together and asked for a week of work experience around graphic design and creative campaigns, ideally in September before the new university year, but anytime really. The Director has got back in contact thanking me for my interest and impressed with my CV, but unfortunately they can’t help me at this time. They said they would get back in contact if anything came up, so fingers crossed.

I am sure that this is the first of many rejections in my future – there are nearly a quarter of a million designers in the UK already and more than a third of art and design graduates have failed to find full-time employment, three years after leaving their courses.




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