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Bronze. Yay!

I’m very excited to have won bronze in the illustration and animation category of the Creative Conscience Awards 2014. I received my certificate last night at a bit of an awards do at the Design Council HQ in London.

It’s funny to think that only a couple of months ago I was struggling to pin down a subject area and had never made an animation before. My animation skills certainly aren’t that brilliant, but I had a strong message and made some good, humorous and engaging (yet basic) choices on how to communicate it.

NATURAL from KJG that’s me on Vimeo.

It was lovely to share the celebrations with my fellow viscomrades: Jo and Bhakti (who won bronze in film and photography), Lucy (who got a special mention in fashion and textiles), and Barhsa (who got a special mention in illustration and animation). Our head of course, Graham, and head of year, Marianne, also got to join us and be all proud parenty about it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 17.33.20

I met some brilliant winners there too, namely fellow bronzer in animation Michael Boulton, and photographer and charity worker Jessica Bishopp and her brilliant See What I See project with young people Gambia.

I talked to a few special guests and mentors too, and although great to hear about their area of work and thoughts on a creative conscience, there is nothing to report on other than a nice bunch of people.



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