learnings / PPP3

Group working: day 2

On the second day of the three day workshop we continued on from learning about the forming stage and moved into storming.

As you can imagine of a session entitled ‘storming’ it was challenging. I had to facilitate a group where someone had to role play having such low self-esteem and lack of confidence that they were actually disruptive for the group. It was very hard and exhausting, even for the short amount of time I did it. Overall I learnt to keep calm and try to see things from the persons point of view and the point of view of the other group members. Try to include people and help them feel more comfortable.ย If needs be speak to person separately to try to resolve things, or at worst ask them to leave the group.

As last time we had a number of activities and discussions that supported the work and gave us a chance to learn from each other.

For the session we each had to bring an ice-breaker activity and run a small session using it. I brought a frisbee and we had to pass it around the group and each have a go miming an alternative use for it. It was fun in the beginning but the group was too small and the activity went on to long that we all got a bit fed up (the group leaders controlled the length of time we did it for). Other ice breakersย includes ‘I have ย never’ and ‘I like’, both designed to find common ground between people, and ‘if I were an animal I would be a … because ….’


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