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Mental Health training

Over the summer I’ve completed an online training course for a NCFE Level 2 certificate in Mental Health Awareness. I was able to do it for free as part of staff development at my job at the University of Leeds.

I wanted to do the course as I volunteer with Leeds Mind at Inkwell, I have a number of friends who have been diagnosed with mental health issues, either on going or at certain points in their lives, and I have managed someone with problems. I thought that a deeper understanding would help me and others around me both now and in the future. It is an issue that affects so many people how could improving my awareness not help!

It was a really interesting course that made me think about the effects of mental ill health on not only the person personally and professionally, but on their friends and family too, as well as giving me a deeper understanding of the symptoms and treatments. There was also a module on the law and mental health.

Each module focussed on understanding different elements of mental health: stress; anxiety; phobias; depression; postnatal depression; bipolar disorder; schizophrenia; dementia; eating disorders; and ADHD. They described the conditions and the effects and provided exercises to undertake to embed learning.

What I learnt is everyone could in some way describe themselves as have a mental health problem at some time or another, and something I didn’t know before was that fathers can suffer from postnatal depression as well as mothers.

So far I have passed all the modules, subject to moderation – so all that’s left is to get my certificate in the post.


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