Love Arts Festival

Love Arts Windows

Notes from the first meeting with Marianne from uni and Tom from Love Arts to discuss the window display project.

Meeting update:

  • keep the mental health theme simple and accessible, eg isolation. Don’t go for the sensational, eg suicide, hallucinations.
  • Tom at love arts will do the first contact with nations and then let us know who to introduce ourselves to. They may be a bit duh but we shouldn’t have any access issues after first contact. We can pretty much come and go as we please once we get the key to the window.
  • they advise to make use of all 3 dimensions of the space
  • there are no plug sockets in the space, but think that something could be organised with enough forewarning.
  • anything we put in there will be let there for a good few weeks, however the space is secure from bar users and staff so it ‘should’ be ok.
  • Tom and MG liked the idea of the light projection but wanted us to make sure we could do it in time and project it onto items that make the most of the space, not just the wall at the backI told them we hadn’t had a proper chance to catch up but I shard some of my very rough ideas:
  • they really really liked the thought of doing something potentially interactive with the viewers, like maybe tying in social media or something that we go in and change every so often. Or running associated work shops that make what we put in there. I didn’t have any specific ideas but they like the direction.
  • I said I was interested in looking at loneliness as a theme present in both mental health issues and something universally understandable. They liked it as a concept and thought it was at about the right level. Tom was keen to avoid cliche approaches, but in saying that he also said he cringed a bit at last years window and the idea of ‘breaking out of cages’ and in the end he loved it and said it work really well
  • so he said actually ignore him.The next step is to get loads of ideas together and send them through to MG for her feedback to make sure it’s appropriate and doable in the time. I’ve got the deadline in a notebook somewhere
  • I’ll find it and let you know.We also need to go look at the window at different times of day and see how it would work, the lighting in the area, and the types of people who walk past.

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