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7 HE Marketing Trends Clearing Up on Results Day

Amazing stuff. My video is featured as a top Marketing Trend for Clearing 2014. Thanks Future Index. πŸ™‚

Future Index Extra

It seems a long time ago since the national newspapers dominated Results Day, and the subsequent clearing frenzy, in the UK. This year we had an explosion of content – infographics, vines, animations and much more – pulsating through a huge range of channels. In many ways, #Resultsday in the UK felt like an epiphany in the recent history of digital HE marketing communications. It was as if the whole sector has been frantically upskilling in the last 12 months and suddenly unleashed everything it had learned. We took a few hours to watch the action and gathered enough from 16 Universities to showcase some of the big trends.

One: Getting Personal

The moment that Vice Chancellor Robert Allison took to the phone in the Loughborough University results nerve-centre was the moment that we knew it was really getting personal. Professor Bob spoke to students, and congratulated their parents, whilst…

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