University of Bradford

People letters

I had the idea to make #teambradford out of the people who make up Team Bradford, ie University of Bradford staff and students. I thought it would make a great image for social media and really help engage the audience during Clearing, the biggest and busiest point in any university’s recruitment calendar.

I came up with the idea at the end of the day, had the next day to deliver it, and the day after to deliver to an online audience. I got the photographer and students organised before I went home and the location booked – we got all sorted to do it the next day.

Unfortunately it rained too much overnight and we couldn’t use the first location of the grassed amphitheatre. This was a large flat space with a third/fourth storey walk way above for the photographer. The second option was the gym where there was a first floor observation level for the photographer and plenty of lighting and space for the letters.

Unfortunately the height wasn’t high enough and we couldn’t gather enough staff and students so we ended up photographing one letter at time. When I looked at them later on the computer the gym floor lines plus the letters you had to think about was just too much so I used Photoshop to remove the lines.

The photographer I used was called Victor and he had previously taken shots like this. He said that he used a cherry picker and got much higher and more directly above the subject.

Team Bradford Team shadow small

The layout of the type was mainly driven my the best shape to use on social media. The image proved to be the most popular used throughout the Clearing campaign as both current and prospective students used it and it was embraced by the Students Union and its societies/clubs.

For more information on how I planned the letters and how I used Photoshop, see my sketch pad.


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