Love Arts Festival

Got the OK

We met with Marianne today to go through our ideas for the Nations window. She liked our plans and suggested we look into different materials and textures for what we project on to. She suggested Bill Viola as an artists to explore further.

We also need to look in to the ethics of filming people and getting permission slips for participants to complete. She also suggested colour in the space.

Concerned about our technical skills being up to speed, we asked Marianne for a graduate contact who might be able to help us. Happily she found out that Sophie Marschner still lives in Leeds and is a whizz at projection mapping. She is happy to help us if she can.

Since our last meeting Zoe and I have come up with some ideas. I was thinking about include words in the projection mapping if we needed to further explain it. Zoe had the fab idea of getting someone to write a poem based on people’s comments on mental health and to put that on/in the window. I love that idea.

The next steps are to talk to Nations to confirm whether or not we can get power in the space, talk to Matt about projection mapping, and finally get our ideas the final sign off by Tom at the Love Arts Festival. We decided to each take on a different responsibility, and I will be the liaison with Love Arts, while Loren will do the same for Nations, and Zoe will be Matt.   We won’t make any firm arrangements until we can confirm power, as without it there will be no projection mapping.


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