Love Arts Festival / PPP3

DIY projector

We want to put a DIY projector in the Nation’s window installation that means that people can hold their phones against the window and projector their own files into the installation.

To make sure it’s possible I made one, and this is my video detailing how…

I had initially bought a big square magnifier because that was all I could find, but that was pretty rubbish. I then found a x2 and a x3 small round one in the same pack in Poundland. Perfect! I tried it out with the x3. As you can see from the results you have to get your phone on full brightness and lock the screen so you can hold it upside down. The closer the better for the projector, as well as the darker. It’s not the best but it is ok as a novelty.

I think we should see if Matt in the AV Suite has any broken projector that we can use the lens from and see if that helps thing.

Zoe and Loren are going to continue to experiment with the DIY projector and try it with the 2x lens I didn’t use, and hopefully a projector lens.


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