Love Arts Festival / PPP3

Street filming day one

Zoe and I took to the streets today to ask members of the public to participate in the film installation we are making for the Love Arts Festival.

IMG_1133Zoe used her camera and we borrowed a sound recorder from the AV suite. Zoe’s role was to film and I was to ask the question and record sound.

We tried really hard to get a diverse range of people involved and managed it amongst younger groups, we just got one older couple, but the mid-age range was very hard to get involved, or even to approach.

We changed location three times in the morning with the aim to reach different types of people and fresh passer-bys. We also changed because it started getting windy at times, which the sound recorder couldn’t cope with. We worked on Millennium Square, Victoria Gardens, and a busy side street off Briggate.

We went out again in the afternoon with Loren and recorded more interviews in Leeds University and Hyde Park.

In the morning Zoe and I discussed the questions and decided to keep things really simple and just ask one question – what do you do when you feel sad to make yourself feel better. We thought we’d start simple and adjust as we go if needs be, or ask another question another day. It was actually a good question to ask and I don’t think we need to change it. We had some great answers, and they were rarely the same. Surprisingly some people had genuine trouble thinking about the answer. It wasn’t because they are always happy, but they just never actively thought about their actions with regards to their mental health.

Everyone signed permission slips, which we created that morning, and all seemed really positive about the project, the mental health element and the Nations’ window. People that didn’t want to take part didn’t listen past ‘video’, so I don’t believe any of the other elements of the idea was off-putting.

The next stage is to later in the week to talk about the interactive elements and set them up, eg the Twitter account. Next week we will meet again to do some more filming of people and the things that make them happy, and make the final film(s). Hopefully by that stage we will know whether or not we’ve got a project mapping induction and electricity in the window.


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