Love Arts Festival / PPP3

Get Happy Leeds

Loren, Zoe and I met up today to talk about the interactive element of our window installation at Nation of Shopkeepers.

Overnight I’d suggested Get Happy Leeds as a name for the project and for use on our website etc. We had discussed it via our Facebook working group page and all thought it was a good idea. We felt it reflected our interviews and was a positive and upbeat approach to mental health that the festival seems to want to foster. It is also relatable and threatening.

We then set up a Twitter and Vimeo account to support the project as well as a free website via Wix.

We split tasks and I’m to design a logo or some branding for the project, e.g. for use as the Twitter id. I’m also going to look after the Twitter account. Loren is responsible for the website and Zoe Vimeo.

I also tried to phone Nations as we’ve not heard back from them. It wasn’t until later in the day that I got hold of who I needed to speak to and it seems there has been a break down in communication as another group is installing in the window for Light Night (this weekend) so there was some confusion over who had been told what and who was asking what. She plans to email us the measurements and answers to our questions tomorrow.

I now need to recruit some street photographers to repeat what we are doing with video but with photography for the period the festival is on. This will encourage online conversation and help keep our Twitter and website fresh and interesting. There is also potential for inclusion in the display.

I’ll also buy a domain name as I know how to it cheaply and mask a re-direct without having to upgrade and pay for hosting through Wix.


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