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The Print Project visit

I visited The Print Project today so we could see if we were both comfortable working together on the proposed documentary for my dissertation. The meeting was successful and we have agreed to move forward and when to film. I will prepare a storyboard and list of questions and send it to Nick beforehand.

I spent the morning in the Shipley-based workshop. I got a tour, a break down of terminology, an explanation of what all the different machines do, and a look at some of the work. I got a chance to ask loads of questions. I didn’t formerly record the answers as they match the direction of my current thinking.

Nick also suggested some ways to do the documentary, and like David suggested at the tutorial that I should take a central role and be part of it as a journey to me becoming a printer. I agree that that is one way to do it, however I’m not very comfortable in front of a camera, I think it may compromise my impartiality when editing, I don’t think I want to be a print maker as a career and I don’t think me saying “no thanks” is a satisfactory end to the documentary, plus will it really give the desire narrative? As a final nail in the coffin to that idea: when would I ever have the time to print and how would I balance appearing infront of the camera and controlling what’s happening behind the camera as a solo project? However, I really appreciate his offer to print something in the studio and there may be a way to incorporate that into the film. I’m still considering other way to include myself in it.

I took some photos to help me plan shots and see what lighting would be like as there are no windows in the space.


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