Love Arts Festival / PPP3

Street filming: day 2 and 3

We had a very successful day filming on the street during our first session, however it was mostly younger people who wanted to speak to us while middle aged to older people refused to participate.

We were keen to get a wide mix of people, so for that reason I took my camera to a workshop I was attending and asked the people there to take part during our lifetime break. I thought it was a really good idea to do it because I knew everyone there as it was our third session, so there was a level of trust, and most people work or volunteer in some capacity with mental health issues and counselling, so the fact that it would be used to help raise awareness of mental health through the Love Arts Festival would attract them. It was really successful and everyone bar one or two were really actively engaged in it.

The clean white walls and quiet room also gave me a great opportunity to get some crisp clear filming that could add some contrast compared to our street filming the previous week.

As it was a Viscom project that students get the opportunity to do every year, we decided to ask the students and tutors to participate too.   Before I returned the microphone to the AV Suite, we spent the day asking our fellow students to get involved. It was hard to pin people down as they were dashing about between other commitments, but the first years mostly all got involved as they were in a workshop and the tutor allowed them to come and be interviewed by us while they were working independently. Again we had a nice clean background and a managing soundscape to work with, which was really useful for abstracting the footage later. From the filming at uni, we all worked together, with me doing the main camera, Zoe using her camera hand held to get some close up of features, such as hands and feet, while Loren asked the question.

We wanted to make sure we were part of the process too as we can’t expect people to do something we are not willing to do ourselves. Each of us answered the question and we feature in the final installations, either in the video or in the photos.

For all filming everyone signed a consent form.

By the end of the three sessions filming, I’m amazed by the variety of answers we were given and the interest from people in this project. Also, even in a very simple set-up, it can take a long time to make sure everything is all set up and good for filming.


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