dissertation / tutorial work

Update for October 15 tutorial

Writing task

Achieved more than last week in much less time. Lots to add to the text but I had to stop due to other work needing done for an upcoming window installation, part of the Love Arts Festival.

Chapter two: thoughts on Alan Kitching


Bradford Industrial Museum and the printing newbie both confirmed. Meeting with the letter artist this week at the Love Arts Festival launch. Filming with Derdlab and the public all day Thursday. Meeting an old printers who recently restarted letterpress printing on Tuesday. Need to start storyboarding and identifying any holes in the narrative so additional contributors can be organised.


All the really useful letterpress books have arrived from Amazon, including Five Hundred Years of Printing by SH Steinberg and Graphic Design before Graphic Designers, The Printer as Designer and Craftsman 1700-1914 by David Jury. In addition I have some books that collate examples of international artists working in the field of letterpress. There does not seem to be any books available to borrow or buy on single letterpress artists, such as Kitching.

The current edition of Crafts magazine has an opinion piece about letterpress and I plan to go through old copies of craft and design journals in the library during the next couple of weeks.

Typeface the Movie

The library have confirmed that they have ordered this film, but as it is being delivered from America the ETA is uncertain. David: Can I use the seminar room to show the film and invite anyone who wants to watch it with me, and then hold a discussion afterwards?


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