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Cotton Letterpress visit

I visited Cotton Press today. This is a exciting company to have on board for the documentary as their parent company Facer Print, is a full colour lithoprinter that is over 75 years old. Although they stop using letterpress printing on a commercial scale many years ago, earlier this year they reintroduced it as a separate company. Their printers were all trained in it for their apprenticeships and are able to use it to fulfil bespoke orders for business cards, flyers, and event invites. The key difference with their letterpress printing compared to the other people who are involved is that they use polymer plates to print from rather than wood or metal hand-set type. This is a great example of new technology being used in letterpress printing and changing trends in the print amongst consumers.

The company is run by a father and son. The father bought Facer printers from the Facer family around 20 years ago and many of the same staff are there is the same premises. They are engaged in marketing and social media as a way to engage people with letterpress and celebrate it. The son did media production at university and the mum had noticed by LVAF email as she is a mature arts student. It was a nice bit of serendipity that the mum had sent the son my LVAF email and he was about to reply to me as my email came to him asking if he would like to get involved. They are very friendly, helpful and engaged in the process.

Issues with filming will include the limited space to set up the camera Β and the noise of the print machines – will need to identify a quieter space for interviews.


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