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Bradford Industrial Museum visit

One of the very few museum/heritage locations with a working print room. I felt this location, and the associated volunteers would be an invaluable source for my documentary. I felt it provided the perfect location for giving historical context and a wide variety of machinery.

After a series of emails outlining my plans and health and safety considerations, I went today for a preparatory visit; assessing the space and building a relationship with the volunteers who will feature in the documentary both in action and being interviewed. I will return on Wednesday 5 November to shoot. I suggested this date as it is the week after half term so it should be quieter in the museum. The volunteers only are in attendance on Wednesday, at other times the space is static but visitors are still allowed in.

The volunteers are a wealth of knowledge about the history of print from its very origins. They all started in the print industry from around the age of 14 as apprentices and have around 60 years of experience. One went into the family printers and worked for his father, his son is now a printer too. Another started as a compositor and moved up into management. They are local men with great passion for print and sharing that love.

I took some photographs to help me plan (see below). The next step is to story board as much as I can given that I don’t know what jobs they’ll have in two weeks, and plan out all the questions and the quantity of filler shots that I’ll need.


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