Love Arts Festival

Love Arts Leeds Windows

Zoe, Loren and I did two of three city-centre windows in Leeds that are part of the Love Arts Festival, the only NHS supported event of its kind that uses art to discuss and tackle mental health and breaks down related stigmas.

I’ve written lots of posts about the project so far, but none yet that show the installations. So here they are – Central Library and Nations of Shopkeepers…

Nation of Shopkeepers Window Installation from Get Happy Leeds on Vimeo.

Central Library Installation from Get Happy Leeds on Vimeo.

I really enjoy watching and making timelapse films so I’m glad this project gave us a chance to make two. After breaking both the timelapse tools from photography last year from sheer over use on the 20:20 film I made with Zoe, I bought my own low-budget version over the summer and was delighted to finally get to use it.

On the whole I shot both the films. I edited the Central Library footage, while Zoe edited Nation of Shopkeepers. I got some really interestingly composed shots, which is needed as sometimes when you watch timelapse you can think “OK, I got it now, it’s all speeded up”; It still needs to be an interesting film, even in fast forward. I’ve not shot at night before and I should have taken more care over the camera set up and completely set up the camera manually, but with Zoe’s editing I think we got away with it.

Both films are nice and short and have proved really popular on the @Gethappyleeds Twitter feed and for blogging about the project. They are really useful tools in spreading the word about the project and making a buzz. Ongoing audience engagement is an important part of public art.

Zoe also recorded the full video installation. Although we have the film in digital format and could potentially have it forever, we will never be able to give it the proper context again, and it would be unlikely that we could organise to screen it across the three monitors. The installation is very much like and event or happening and once it is dismantled it is gone. In this case it will be running for about two weeks, ten days of which were the festival.


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