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Lead Graffiti


Seen at the British Library, London, 26 September.

Info taken from the Lead Graffiti website...

To explain a bit of how we like to work, we like spontaneous projects where you are planning the piece on the press, often locking up for one color and not always knowing what you are going to be doing for the next color. Ray always gets up every morning of the Tour and watches it live now on NBCSports. Every year. Every stage. Every day. That pretty much explains it.

We watch each stage of the Tour de France live on NBCSports from about 8:00 until noon, looking for usable moments or incidents or comments. After we know the results and watch at least a bit of the awards presentation it is off to lunch. We try to keep the discussion at lunch on the tour and the upcoming poster. Then it is to our 2,200 square foot studio to get started on how to represent the stage using wood & metal type, wood or linoleum cuts, and objects related to cycling that are usable for the 14.5″ x 22.5″ poster.

We had guest contributors on 19 of the 23 days. The fartherest drove the 378 miles from Middlebury, Vermont to Newark.

The Tour de France has 21 stages and 2 rest days that we interpret. In addition, we produce a portfolio title page, a page that will describe what we used from the race for each poster, colophon page listing the physical elements of the project, who did what, etc., and a composite print with all 109 runs overprinted onto a single sheet. All who are involved will sign in each day for their poster, just like they do in the Tour de France. We print the posters on Somerset Textured White 300 gsm which we got fromLegion Paper where we buy most of our letterpress paper.

Some information from the panels…



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