Can you hear me?

My CoP videos are working perfectly on my desktop computer, so I upload them to youtube/vimeo only to find that audio channel where I have put the voice recordings had gone very very quiet, while the music continued on loudly.

There were some problems with my audio that the AV technician identified:

  • they were going into the red zone as I was setting them to peak at 0db when it turns out -12db is optimum for speech
  • I had put bass on them having followed some advice in my ‘how to’ book to help with male voices, but this was only making things worse
  • they had a lot of interference because they were recorded in a printers with background noise – I had used a lapel mic to reduce the impact of this, but it was still audible

To resolve these issues I:

  • worked in Premeire Pro using the Audio workspace, which was new to me to do but very helpful
  • set the audio gain of all clips to max at -12db, which means that the software will try to reduce the average volume so it peaks as little as possible above that mark
  • Where I had pulled up the elastic band on each clip to gain volume, I pulled it down again where they were going above -12
  • I took each clip into a software called Audition and edited them individually. I used Effects/Filter & EQ/Graphic Equalizer (10) to cancel out the hiss. (This package and method was new to me)

I then exported the video and uploaded it again to replace the previous version on Vimeo. On my desktop it sounded fab, on my iPad the voice once again disappeared. This was disappointing as I think the technician was confident that the sound was missing because it was clipping out as it maxed above what the speakers were capable of.

Over the weekend I had trouble finding an answer on the internet to the mobile vs desktop sound issue, but tonight I managed to find a really interesting noticeboard thread…

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 19.42.17


A cable or recording issue may be why I’m having problems with audio recorded using the lapel mic but not with audio recorded using the on camera attachment mic.

Adjusting to mono didn’t help the video on youtube on my ipad

But the fill left is now playing the video with all bits of audio and music at the expected level across all devices. Hooray!


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