creative responses / dissertation

Music is key

To date all the contemporary letterpress printers I have spoken to have had some connection to music, and reflecting on the style of the films I’ve enjoyed during my research and the need to make letterpress printing relevant, modern, and inspiring, I’ve decided that music should play a big role in my creative exploration.

I have contacted a final year student from Leeds College of Music who circulated a flyer around Leeds College of Art asking for various commissions so she could build her portfolio. I asked her if she could make some music that would compliment the themes I’m exploring and the musicality of the printing process. I sent her the samples of the videos I’ve made to date and gave her my deadlines. I advised her that in about ten days I would have a much clearer idea of the length of the film and its content as I’m currently considering the best ways to present the interviews I’ll have before the deadline.

Unfortunately I’ve not heard back from her yet and I emailed on Monday and it’s now Friday. Given the timescale I doubt there will be time to properly explore getting music composed by someone whose style would match the film.

The alternative is to ensure I have lots of time to explore loyalty free and free of cost films that are available from the internet.


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