creative responses / dissertation

Documentary: Dan Whinney (1st draft)

This is the first draft of the short documentary about someone new to letterpress printing. Dan Whinney started printing this year and has a little print workshop in his basement.

The film was edited to firstly bring across his enthusiasm for printing, but also to highlight the fact that he is just making it up as he goes along, which provides a real contrast with the volunteers at Museum who spent seven years in apprenticeships. I also wanted letterpress printing to be communicated as accessible and creative as well as explore the underlying theme that goes throughout all the documentaries – why do people like it.

Having forgotten to ask Dan when exactly he started printing, it gave me the idea to call each of the documentary films after the length of time each person had been printing and this could help to chart the differences between past and present. Alternatively, or as well as, there could be some intro text on the screen about the actual year and the context, eg professional, business established, hobby….


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